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Liam Pitcher
Born December 23rd, 1993

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Who is Liam Pitcher? I am so glad you asked! Liam Pitcher is a brilliant composer, musician, and teacher whom hails from Cape Town, South Africa. This stellar man is known for his signature polystylistic fusion and elemental blend of western classical, electroacoustic and electronica. He is also known for his phenomenal piano improvisations.

Liam is very skilled in multiple fields of music, some of which include: classical piano / classical piano improvisations, electronic music composition / electronic music production, and film composition. Oh, and let us not forget about his mixing / mastering skills and brilliant sound design.

In 2012, Liam was accepted into the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town where he studied the piano and piano accompaniment. Unfortunately, half way through his first year he pulled a ligament in his wrist. Because of this injury Liam was unable to play the piano for about six months. And if that was not bad enough, being unable to play for such a long time lead to a deferral of his degree. But that did not stop Liam from pursuing his musical dream; he returned to UCT in 2013 and picked up where he left off.

Liam has released several amazing albums in the past few years. He released his debut album Stories Without Images in 2018, which is a fully electronically composed album. This album is not in any one specific style, but rather is woven together from a variety of styles. Because this album was composed in this manner each track evokes such profound emotions; it truly speaks to the soul. You get a taste of his ambient music, film music, experimental electronic music, EDM, electroacoustic / classical music, experimental ambient music, game music, electronic art music, and experimental ambient / world music. A phenomenal album, one I highly recommend to all. This is the kind of art you do not listen to; it is one you experience.

In 2019 Liam released a series of one hundred improvisations in ten volumes plus one best of collection. These outstanding piano improvisations were one of the largest releases in South African music history. Bravo Sir!

Liam's improvisations are truly spectacular. Like his debut album Stories Without Images, Liam has captured a world of its own in each of his improvisations. He takes you on a journey of emotions throughout his compositions which leads you to rediscovering bits and pieces of yourself you thought were lost forever. His glorious music invites you to cast of the shackles of unrealistic societal standards and encourages you to be authenticity you.

All of Liam's music is uniquely designed to cause inner visual experiences and strong emotional responses which differ from listener to listener, making for remarkably profound individualistic uconnections.

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