Robin Benkert Rockin' Robin
Inca Bridges Performed by Inka Gold
(Original song by Cusco)

Oscar Andrés Morales Vega (Flutist) and Pablo Santiago Morales Vega (Guitarist) use the traditional instruments of their Incan ancestors to create and perform some of the most beautiful contemporary pieces. Their original compositions are deeply rooted in nature and tradition which makes for an enchanting experience for the audience to enjoy.

I love world music because it is a wonderful way to experience different cultures using the universal language of music as a bridge to connect and unite people from all aspects of life.

"Hundreds of years ago a tradition began among the ancient Incan people. An elaborate musical tradition which mimicked the roaring winds and
sounds of the great Andes Mountains.
Instruments made of raw bamboo and clay were created in order to convey the heart felt sentiments of the Incan people."
~ Inka Gold
Stay blessed,
Robin 🌹🎼🎶
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